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360° Advertising - Made in Germany

For order volumes exceeding 5,000 lighters we produce customized labels.

Our TOM branded lighters are available as disposable flint lighters, refillable electronic lighters, or utility lighters also known as BBQs or candle lighters.

Lighters are rather cost effective advertising media and suit all purposes. A printed lighter gives almost unlimited media penetration and enjoys great popularity.

Buying TOM lighters means buying branded lighters. On that you can be sure.

TOM Lighters, Leading in Quality and Safety

Child protection and accident prevention count among the basic principles of TOM. We offer lighters with child safety feature as standard, to prevent accidents but without compromising ease of use.

TOM branded lighters – BEYOND SAFETY

The new NY-1 lighter with Fix Flame technology is made of polyoxymethylene (POM), a high tech plastic material that stands out for its extreme resistance to outside influences.

  • POM features excellent
  • Impact resistance
  • Pressure resistance
  • Heat resistance

All these properties guarantee that our new Fix Flame lighter more than complies with the existing ISO 9994:2005 standard.